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If you are reading this page it means you are interested to learn kafka Lets dive in below 

Apache Kafka

Small autonomous service that work together - Sam NewMan

Micro services are basically services which are exposed by rest in addition to that Expose by rest Small deployable units Cloud enable

  • Exposed by REST API

  • Small deployeable UNITS

  • Cloud Enabled

  • We have seen in challenge below section in detail

  • Bounded Context : What is the right context of your microservices, what is right boundry of your microserices

  • Configuraiton Management : 100 of microservices has lot of environement , there are tons of configuraiton you would want to manage how would you simplify that

  • Dynamically Scale UP and Dynamically Down : Dynamically distribute the load among the active instance

  • Visibility : What happening around the simple microservice, A simple microservice involve multiple microservice , how do I determine which microservice cause for defect , how I would know all my microservice up and running ..

  • Pack of card : How would I prevent, Once microservices down taking down entire application, How I would Implement fault tolerance into my microservices

  • Kafka Broker Discovery

    Kafka Broker Discovery
    • Every Broker is also called bootstrap server
    • That means that you only need to connect to one broker, and kafka client will know how to be connect entire cluster(smart client)
    • Each broker knows about all brokers, topic and partitions(metadeta) 

    1. Eureka

    2. Hystrix

    3. Zull